EVS WEB Pro Knee Brace

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The Web Pro Knee Brace has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

EVS designed it to be smaller, lighter and stronger than the original Web Knee Brace.

It’s constructed with an industry first twin wall carbon fiber frame for increased strength and rigidity.

Patented Tru-Motion 3.0 hinges anatomically mimic the natural motion of the human knee and are made of aluminum and stainless steel for increased strength.


The Web Pro is the most rigid and robust knee brace in the EVS line.

The twin wall carbon fiber frame combined with the dual alloy hinges creates a sturdy brace that has zero flex.

It is by far the most rigid brace on the market, however it is extremely comfortable, lightweight and form-fitting.

The Web Pro is an ideal brace for any rider that has worn knee braces for an extended amount of time and is looking for the utmost in protection and rigidity.


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