3G Spyder Junior Stepper

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The 3G Spyder Junior Stepper fits kids 5 to 8 yrs old.
This model comes in a bright yellow frame with some cool 3G badges and stencils.

Rims come in black.

The stepper bikes are an innovative design, they blend the fun of riding a bicycle with a stepping action.

This construction both eases the ride as well as gives the rider a full body workout by activating a wider range of muscles that you would not use while sitting.

The stepping action comes naturally to everyone and allows for a more intuitive handling that is easy to master for any fitness level.

This video shows both the Spyer and the Spyder Junior.


+ High Tensile Steel Frame

+ High Tensile Steel Fork

+ BMX Style Handlebars

+ 16ā€ front / 12ā€ rear rims

+ Front ā€œVā€ Brakes / Rear Japanese-Style Band Brakes

+ Double Gooseneck Stem

+ Rubber Non-Slip Pattern Grips

+ 11 Ply Canadian Maple Wood Decks


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