Eartec Simultalk 24G Wireless Two-Way Radio

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The Simultalk 24G is the latest full duplex transceiver manufactured by Eartec specifically designed for hands free short range communication.

Simultalk 24G radios send and receive messages on different frequencies, allowing users to communicate at the same time.

This particular transceiver is a breakthrough because it operates on the 2.4ghz non-licensed frequency band and can be used anywhere in the world.

The Simultalk 24G is field programmable and feature "dip switch" selectable frequency combinations.

A full line of headset options allow each user to customize the transceivers for their own unique environment.

Range of up to 150 yards.

When purchasing a complete system, you will need 1 Master radio and the other radios will be remotes.

For this product, purchase either a Master Radio or a Remote Radio

5 Hours Transmit
10 Hours Standby

+ Volume Control
+ Talk / Standby Switch
+ Molded Belt Clip
+ Miniature Stubby Antenna
+ Lightweight, weighs only 4.5oz
+ No FCC or other world license required
+ CE certified for Europe, Australia and the UK

1 Radio (Choose a Master or a Remote Radio)
1 Battery
1 United States Charger (European & Australian chargers are optional)


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