SQlab 711 SY Team Orange Grips

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SQlab 711 SY Team Orange Grip guarantees a secure hold at the handlebar.

The size of the wing is constructed to reduce pressure on the ulna nerve while allowing maximum control of the bike.

Notice the front and bottom of the grip are square cut and fit the fingers perfectly.

Yhe locking system is light weight and engineered in Germany.


+ Lockfunction – engineered by Syntace® guarantees a secure hold at the handlebar

+ The Wing features both, a bigger surface and a lowered position that optimizes pressure distribution to relieve direct pressure to the ulnar nerve (outside hand)

+ Cut square on front and bottom to fit perfectly to the square shape of the fingers More grip safety compared to the usual round grips

+ Wave shaped to provide clearance under the wing for safe gripping. particularly helpful for active riders who re-position their hands in rough terrain

+ Safety zone with pyramid texture for secure gripping

+ Color: Black/gray

+ Weight: S=120 grams/Pair M=138 grams/Pair L= 156 grams/Pair

+ Material: Inner hard Rubber / Outer soft Rubber

Regular Price: $26.99

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Regular Price: $26.99

Special Price $22.95