Bliss ARG Comp Knee Pads

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The Bliss ARG Comp Knee Pad's flexible ARG pad covers and protects the knee cap against rocks and impacts.

During impact the ARG material stiffens up and absorbs and spreads the active energy.

The ergonomic cut, specifically designed for mountain biking makes it much easier to pedal as the pads stay in place.

The knee cap area is also amplified with Kevlar® to prevent rapid abrasion and increase the life and durability of the pad.

EVA foam pads on either side of the ARG Knee Pad protects your knee against frame and side impacts.

With the elastic Velcro straps you can tighten them up so they won´t slip even on long rides.

Born from the need for lightweight protection at the highest levels of competition, the result is the optimum protection which allows you ride uninhibited.

During impact, the pads stiffen up and protect your body against those impacts, penetration and abrasions.

The Armourgel pads absorbs and dissipates 80% of the impact, greatly reducing the energy transmitted to the body.

When protection is not required, the ergonomic ARG padding flexes with your muscles, providing unrestricted movement.

Bliss Protection was founded in Germany in 2006 by passionate mountain bikers.

They just weren't satisfied with the body armor that was out in the market.

It was time to do something new, something different, something better!


+ Pre-shaped, flexible, super shock absorbing Armourgel® knee & shin pad

+ Ergonomic cut for a perfect fit

+ Flatlock stitching

+ Additional EVA padding at the sides and above the knee

+ Adjustable elastic strap on upper and lower leg

+ Siliconprint inside upper leg opening for additional hold

+ Comfortable Lycra material

+ Kevlar® at knee area

+ Mesh fabric at hollow of knee

+ Very light weight and comfortable

+ CE EN-1621-2:2012 K+L certified



SIZE 1-XS 2-S 3-M 4-L 5-XL
THIGH 13-15" / 33-38cm 15-17" / 38-43cm 17-19" / 43-48cm 19-21" / 48-53cm 21-23" / 53-58cm
CALF 10-12" / 25-30cm 12-14" / 30-35cm 14-16" / 35-40cm 16-17.5" / 40-45cm 18-19.5" / 45-50cm



SIZE 2-S 3-M
THIGH 14.5-16" / 37-41cm 16-.5-17.5" / 42-45cm
CALF 11-12.5" / 28-32cm 13-14.5" / 33-37cm

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