Cytosport Complete Whey Protein - 5 Lbs Canister

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Cytomax is the world's most scientifically advanced complex carbohydrate, electrolyte performance energy drink.
Ensures proper hydration, steady energy and reduced fatigue during exercise.

Today's workout is only as good as yesterday's recovery

Cytomax Recovery is a comprehensive muscle and total energy system recovery formula designed for endurance athletes.

Cytomax Recovery enables you to take full advantage of that crucial window of opportunity one hour after exercise when muscles are most receptive to glycogen reloading and nutrient re-synthesis.
Cytomax Recovery provides complex carbohydrates for muscle and liver glycogen replenishment, a complete amino acid protein matrix for muscle growth and repair, and 'Lean Lipids' - energy efficient fats for concentrated nutrient restoration, anti-inflammatory effect and retention of minerals and electrolytes.

Two scoops of Cytomax Recovery (mixes easily in water) after workouts will deliver the nutrients you need to trigger your body from a catabolic (breakdown) state into an anabolic (re-building) state quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of using Cytomax Recovery:

Balanced caloric content: (49% carbs, 29% protein, 22% fat) provides you a blend of nutrients you need and minimizes blood sugar spikes

Efficient Energy Metabolism: Lean LipidsTM are special fats that are easily mobilized for workout energy, enhance your body's fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis, anti-inflammatory effects and mineral retention. Muscle Growth and Repair: EvoProTM is a complex ratio of proteins, peptides and amino acids designed to replicate the amazing benefits of mothers milk for rapid tissue growth and repair

Free Radical Protection: CytoViteTM helps your tissue rebound from the stressful oxidative effects of exercise Liver glycogen replenishment: Alpha-L-PolylactateTM is six times more efficient than glucose in replenishing

It is well known that your system is most receptive to glycogen re-loading and nutrient re-synthesis during a one-hour 'window of opportunity' immediately after exercise. If calories are not consumed during this window, your muscles are less receptive as time goes on and recovery is severely compromised.

The problems athletes experience with the window of opportunity are:

Appetite is often suppressed after sustained exercise due to fatigue, elevated body temperature and flowing endorphins.

Most convenient 'recovery' foods and drinks are high sugar, devoid or protein and fats that are also crucial to recovery.

Cytomax Recovery mixes instantly in water for high convenience, is easy to digest even with appetite suppressed and contains a complete blend of high quality carbs, protein and fat essential to proper recovery.

CytoSport elite athletes have commented that this product is an innovation that the endurance world has been waiting over 15 years for. Elite competitors know the importance of the one-hour window of opportunity after workouts. When you get the recovery process started immediately it makes a big difference over a 24-hour period. Add that up to hundreds of workouts over a year and you realize that developing a habit like instant replenishment after workouts can elevate your performance and recovery rate noticeably.

Former top professional triathlete Andrew MacNaughton, who won over 30 events in his 8-year career and had the Wildflower course record for 9 years, is making a comeback in 2003 at age 40. He is using the CytoSport supplements to enhance his recovery, a key concern after 9 years of near inactivity. He has been using Cytomax Recovery after workouts, "I mix Vanilla flavor with Vanilla soy milk - it tastes amazing!" Some athletes have experimented with mixing a thick bottle of Cyto Recovery (~600 calories worth) for use during distance runs or rides over three hours to stabilize blood sugar and obtain other benefits from ingesting protein and fat during sustained exercise. Others prefer to use Cytomax Pre-Formance for long sessions - it is a personal preference.

Figure out what works best for you but respect the stress of exercise and the science that supports immediate replenishment after workouts. If you want the most sophisticated (really the only) product on the market that has been specifically designed for post-endurance muscular and total body recovery, try Cytomax Recovery.

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