Di Blasi R22 Italian 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

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The Di Blasi R22 Folding Bicycle folds in 4 seconds.
The Di Blasi R22 Folding Bicycle unfolds in 4 seconds

PLEASE NOTE: All Di Blasi products are made to order - and the Di Blasi factory closes for the entire month of August for the Ferragosto holiday as does most of Italy.
When they return in September, they start processing orders at that time. We alloy pre-orders during that period as a waiting list.

The Di Blasi Folding Bicycle excels in all important folding bicycle features - easiness and quickness of folding, dimensions when folded, riding comfort, sturdiness, equipment, weight and, of course, price.

The R22 is unmatched in folding ease and quickness.
The R22 frame is shaped as an articulated quadrilateral, 3 simple steps and 4 seconds are sufficient to fold or to unfold it.
There are no devices to be screwed or unscrewed.

The R22 folding bicycle is characterized by innovative patented solutions such as automatic folding of the front fork, automatic folding of the handle bars, folded dimensions of 68 x 64 x 21cm / 26.75 x 25.2 x 8.25"
The R22 has one of the world's smallest folded dimensions for a 20"bicycle.

When unfolded the bicycle has a wheelbase of 100,5cm / 39.5". The saddle has 4 adjustable positions, These features allow an excellent ride stability and comfort.

Another innovative solution of the R22 is the use of a variety of materials.
To give to the bicycle maximum rigidity with minimum weight, frame sections are made from high tensile steel, polyamide reinforced with glass fibers, or light alloys - the material used matches the component's required stress tolerance.

Additional sturdiness of the R22 also reflects its unique construction - it does not need a central hinge like regular folding bicycles. Likewise, the seat is held by two posts - traditional folding bikes use only one.bicycles).

The R22 is easy to carry.
When it is folded, The R22 is equipped with a handle for pulling it on small wheels fitted on the rear rack.

The entire production process, including manufacturing of the frames, occurs in Di Blasi's Italian facilities - this guarantees quality control and an extended availability of spare parts.

The bicycle mod. R22 is available in two versions:
R22P - Steel components of the frame are made of high tensile carbon steel painted with polyester powders.
R22S - Steel components of the frame are made of stainless steel (AISI 304).
Plus bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel. This version is most suitable for use in a seaside environment.

+ 20" / 48cm diameter tires
+ 7 speed derailleur
+ Large rear carrier
+ Folding pedals
+ Front and rear lights powered by a dynamo
+ Front and rear brakes
+ Stand
+ Bell
+ Weight 13.4Kg + 20 x 1.35 Tires
+ Light alloy rims and stainless steel spokes
+ Light alloy chainset with 52T and a 170mm crank length
+ Rear cogs - 13-15-17-19-21-24-28
+ Front V brake
+ Rear drum brake
+ Maximum load: 100 kg / 220 Lbs.
+ Adjustable seat - Seat:
- Minimum height from the ground: 87cm / 34.25"
- Maximum height from the ground: 101 cm / 39.75"

The R22 is one of the lightest folding bicycles.
Accessories options include a carrying bag and a shopping bag.

Ships directly from Italy - expect delivery in 2 - 3 weeks.

Occasionally DHL will erroneously request Customs Duty at time of delivery.
if you are charged customs duty, please fax receipt to 201-815-2752 and we will completely reimburse you for the customs fee.

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