Di Blasi R34 Folding 5 Speed Italian Electric Tricycle (Demo Unit)

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Regular Price: $2,739.00

Special Price $2,439.00

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This Di Blasi R34 Folding 5 Speed Electric Italian Tricycle is a Demo Unit.
Demo units may have been used in photo shoots or used in demonstrations.
They may contain blemishes but are otherwise solid in performance

Demo Units are sold AS-IS and have had a discount applied based on the condition of the item
We have inspected this item and it apparently has not been used.
We did find very minor paint blemishes and touched them up and they are almost hard to see (1/2 inch or less in size.)
We tested this unit and it functioned perfectly both with and without the pedal assist.
Original shipping box used when available.

This unit ships from the US
There is only 1 of these demo units available in Red, in the Junior Size
NOTE: Certain additional options are already installed on this unit, that cannot be uninstalled, are not yet included in the base price. You will be required to purchase these options in the option selection list but we have discounted the price of the options from the normal option price to make this offer more attractive. Other options are in fact optional and also listed in the options selection list. There are no additional options available other than the ones already in the options choices.
Due to the configuration of the options already installed on this unit, the standard bell will be unable to be attached to its proper location on the handlebars (effectively, no bell.)

The Di Blasi R34 folding trike has a low step through frame which makes it easier to ride.
The Di Blasi R34 folding trike is particularly adaptable for older adults and those with minor physical handicaps.
The Di Blasi R34 is also a great all around E-trikethat is available in 3 sizes - making it suitable for both adults and children.

The Di Blasi R34 tricycle is an engineering masterpiece that is now available to riders in the USA.

The entire production process, including manufacturing of the frames, occurs in Di Blasi's Italian facilities - this guarantees quality control and an extended availability of spare parts.

The folding operation is fast and consists of three simple steps.
First it is necessary to remove or install the battery pack - but this is simple and takes just a few seconds.
Unfolding takes even less effort.
DI BLASI folding tricycles offer an incredible level of convenience and useability that is impossible to obtain with any other electric trike.

To engage the motor just turn the handlebar switch to the on position and pedal.
The motor is active only when your pedals are turning.
The output of the motor decreases when you increase the speed of the pedals.
To pedal without the aid of the motor, just turn off the switch.

The easy folding of the R34 makes storage more practicable.
The easy folding of the R34 significantly increases the trike's versatility.
The R34 is easily stowed in the trunk of a car, can be used away from home, on vacation, in the park, or wherever you wish.

+ 25km / 15 Miles per charge on flat roads, without pedaling*
+ Maximum speed without pedaling  is 6 km/h / 3.7 mph
+ Maximum speed with pedaling and pedal assist is dependent on rider input*
+ High tensile carbon steel frame
+ Painted with polyester powders.
+ Step through only 19 cm / 7.5" from the ground
+ 20" wheels / 48cm
+ Folding pedals
+ Rear Luggage rack
+ Folded pull handle to wheel while folded
+ Motor: 24V 250 Watt
+ Charger: 2A
+ Battery: Lithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah
+ 5 speed twist grip gear changer with derailleur
+ Two V brakes on front wheel - with one functioning as a parking brake
+ Dynamo-powered front and rear lights
+ Bell
+ Mudguards(fenders)
+ Manufacturer's Warranty - 2 years on frame and fork

* Rider Weight and Terrain Contingent

Unfolding Instructions: 1) Hold both handlebar grips, raise the handlebar stem while separating grips at the same time
2) Check that the handlebar locking clip is properly locked around handlebar stem, touching on 3 sides
3) Pull up on the seat while lifting the tricycle (rear rack raises half way, wheels open half way)
4) Pull up hard on rear rack while lifting the rear of tricycle
5) Check that the seat post locking clip is in the locked position 6) Attach Charged Battery

Folding Instructions:
1) Squeeze on the end of each pedal, to (and) fold the pedals
2) Line up the pedal crank arms so that one faces the front and one faces the rear of the tricycle and pedals hand straight down
3) Unlock the seat post locking clip by pushing it up
4) Apply the front brake that has the lock and lock it (squeeze brake, push locking pin into position)
5) Lift the center handle located between the crank arms with one hand while pushing down the seat with the other
6) The wheels on the rear rack should tuck underneath, push the seat down again to make sure it is all the way down
7) Unlock the front brake lock
8) Release the handlebar clip by pushing it to the side
9) Fold down the handlebars by holding the grips until they tuck down

NOTE: When ordering the twist shift motor control, it will be on the right hand side which puts the derailleur shifter on the left hand side and takes up the space where the bell would be.

Motor 24V 250 Watt 24V 250 Watt 24V 250 Watt
Battery Lithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah Lithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah Lithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah
Charger 2A 2A 2A
Height of the seat from the ground 90cm / 35.5" adjustable down to 81cm / 31.9" 82cm / 32.3" adjustable down to 77.5cm / 30.5" 70.5cm / 27.8"
Height of the seat from the pedal placed in the lowest position 84cm / 33" adjustable down to 73.5cm / 29.6" 74cm / 29.1" adjustable down to 69cm / 27.2" 62cm / 24.4"
Height of the handlebar from the ground 100cm / 39.4" 100cm / 39.4" 91cm / 35.8"
Distance of the seat to handlebar 43cm / 16.9" 43cm / 16.9" 38cm / 14.9"
Chainring 42 Teeth 42 Teeth 42 Teeth
Crank Length 170cm 170cm 170cm
Tires 48cm / 20" 48cm / 20" 48cm / 20"
Maximum Load on Rear Rack 10kg / 22lbs 10kg / 22lbs 10kg / 22lbs
Total Maximum Load Including Rear Rack Load 100kg / 220lbs 100kg / 220lbs 100kg / 220lbs

+ Folded - Length 68 x Width 28 x Height 62.5cm / 26.8" x 11" x 24.6"
+ Unfolded - Length 68 x Width x 69.5cm / 27" x 61" (Height adjustable with maximum of 82cm / 32.3")
+ Weight Without Battery 21.4kg / 47.2 Lbs
+ Weight with Battery 27.5kg / 60.6 Lbs.

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