Spongy Wonder CUSTOM MK9A Bicycle Seat

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Spongy Wonder CUSTOM MK9A Bicycle Seat is for riders 190 lbs and up
For ladies with more of an "Hourglass" figure
For senior riders 150 lbs and up whose bum muscles are of a size more on the "lesser" than "greater"

Custom Made 1 at a time
Reinforced rails

The SPONGY WONDER provides you with a bicycle seat that ends the discomfort that can be caused by traditional bicycle seats.
Weight of seat is is 800 grams
IMMEDIATELY, you will know that this is the seat you have been searching for!

The anatomically correct design of the Mark 9A bike seat allows you to rest naturally for maximum comfort.

Finally, a comfortable practical seat!

Dual-platform noseless design which eliminates damaging and irritating pressure as applied to the perineum, prostate, tailbone and genitalia.
Stainless steel construction with no solvents, paints, chroming or powder coating used in production.
Adjustable by width for an exact fit.
Cushions are completely encapsulated with a great, looking, long lasting outer layer and do not absorb water.
Manufacturer's warranty - 20 years on the stainless frame; 5 years on all other stainless components!

Each saddle is hand made and shipped straight from the factory to you via Canadian Postal Service so expect delivery in 10 - 15 business days.

The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT is the Complete Answer for the following reasons:
+ For Male riders The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT puts absolutely no damaging pressure on the tailbone, prostate, nerves and arteries in the perineum (the area between the rectum and genitals).
+ For female riders, the SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT also ends physical distress to the vulvar region - an absolute necessity for women who have vulvovdynia and/or contact vulvitis.

The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT ends these problems caused by conventional bike seats - problems which seriously compromise the quality of living for female cyclists.

We also have seat covers made from 2.5 mm thick neoprene which is bonded on both sides by durable water proof nylon.
The perfect compliment to the bike seat.

+ The Lycra covers increase comfort and can enhance performance.
+ The covers also protect the neoprene foam seat pads, from scuffs, damage and pressure indentations.
+ The seat covers resist moisture and perspiration and are easily removed and washable.
+ Durable and great looking, the seat covers are made to last for years.

The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT is approximately 4 inches shorter than most seats and the front part of the rail does not get in the way or present any danger.

The dual platforms of the SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT are tilted to eliminate the problem of non-adjusting seatpost clamps. If you do have a tilting seatpost clamp, then the SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT gives you even more adjustment options!

The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT'S dual platforms are 3 1/2" wide because a wider bike seat allows for a successful transfer of weight to the 'sit bones'.

The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT'S dual platforms are inwardly and outwardly adjustable so you can customize your SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT to fit you exactly!
If you want to make adjustments all you need is a 7/16in or 11mm wrench! There are no moving parts or complicated mechanisms to foul up, break down or service!

How long do the foam pads last?
Out of 10,000 Spongy Wonder Bike Seats currently being ridden, Spongy Wonder has sold only 2 dozen replacement sets. In other words, the pads last indefinitely!

PLEASE NOTE - This product is hand made and the builder ships out completed saddles every OTHER Friday.
So there may be a 1 - 2 week delay from the time you place your order until the time your bicycle seat ships.

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