STOPaFLAT Puncture Proof Bicycle Inner Tube - 26 x 1.25

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Regular Price: $22.50

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Put an end to flat tires - now and forever with the Stop A Flat Foam Inner Tube.
The Stop A Flat Foam Inner Tube cannot go flat and it rides like a normal bicycle tire.

STOPaFLAT are designed for road use - they are not suitable for off road use.
STOPaFLAT Tubes are puncture proof inner tubes designed for puncture free cycling.
STOPaFLAT protects against punctures and prevents flat tires.

Convenience, performance and durable design

For installation use metal or good quality plastic tire irons - DO NOT USE SCREWDRIVERS - they can damage your rims.

The Stop A Flat Foam Inner Tube is the perfect solution for making all wheeled device impervious to glass, thorns and debris.

Use the The Stop A Flat Foam Inner Tube for:
+ Strollers
+ Wagons
+ Trailers
+ Dollies
+ Bicycles
+ Carts
+ Spreaders
+ Mowers

Please note that a proper product installation should not have looseness or gaps between the tube and tire.

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