Greenspeed GT20 Folding Recumbent 24 Speed Tricycle Greenspeed GT20 Folding Recumbent 24 Speed Tricycle Greenspeed GT20 Folding Recumbent 24 Speed Tricycle
Greenspeed GT20 Folding Recumbent 24 Speed Tricycle

Greenspeed GT20 Folding Recumbent 24 Speed Adult Tricycle


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The GT20 is exceptionally easy to ride.
And the frame is hinged so that rear half can be folded over the front half to reduce the size enough to fit in the trunk of a car

A carefully engineered, light weight frame, low rolling resistance tires, and an efficient drive train, give the GT20 exceptional performance making it a real joy to ride - for commuting, touring, exercising or just out for a fun ride.

The major reason most people buy a recumbent is for more comfort. A number of trikes are now offering mechanical suspension, but this adds weight, which you feel at the first stroke of the pedals, and labor with up the hills.

The GT20 has a better approach - virtual suspension:
+ The frame is designed to flex
+ The seat is laced with shock cord, so that it gives a measure of suspension. + The Scorcher tires are suppler than any other tire on the market, ensuring a lot of the road shock is calmed before it reaches the trike.
+ The seat frames have been anodized instead of power coated, to allow the seat fabric to move more easily on the frame.
+ The Scorcher tires are suppler than any other tire on the market, ensuring a lot of the road shock is calmed before it reaches the trike.

The seat is just more comfortable:+ The Scorcher tires are suppler than any other tire on the market, ensuring a lot of the road shock is calmed before it reaches the trike.
The seat was designed by a chiropractor, so that it provides both lumbar and shoulder support. The seat is adjustable for height, so that if you have difficulty getting in and out of a low seat, you can start with the seat high, and then as you get fitter, and/or lose weight, you can lower the seat, and take advantage of the better stability you get with a lower center of gravity. To further enhance your comfort, the seat is adjustable for angle.

Some people who suffer back pain may find the more reclined angles better, while other may prefer a more upright angle. The seat height adjustment in conjunction with the angle adjustment allows you to vary the angle between the pedals and your body, to best suit your physical form, and to get your most comfortable pedaling position.

Plus the handle bars are adjustable for width, angle, and fore and aft.

It is not much use having a really comfortable trike if it performs like a slug. A trike should be a joy to ride, and reward you for every pedal stroke. A recumbent trike be more comfortable than an upright bike, it should be efficient and aerodynamics. This is where the GT20 shines. Unlike upright bikes, recumbent trikes are a mono tube design, and with every stroke of the pedals, the boom will flex down and the frame will flex up under the seat, wasting some of your effort. To overcome this the GT20 uses a rectangular main tube and crank extension. To reduce weight, the GT20 uses special lightweight Aero hubs, and new lightweight kingpins.

Many trike with 20” wheels use the standard gearing designed for ordinary bikes with 26” wheels, and then the manufacturers wonder why their trikes are slow. Some trikes use 26" rear wheels on trikes which are designed for bikes which have very little side loading, and then the manufacturers wonder why their trikes are unstable. The GT20 uses 20” wheels, with gearing designed for 20” wheels, so that it is BOTH fast and stable.

Finally, there is the Scorcher tires. The Greenspeed Scorcher tires were introduced in 2005, and for over a decade have been the choice of Pedal Prix teams - they are faster than any other tire on the market. The GT20 has the new “Scorcher 120” tires as standard equipment.

Greenspeed's X-Seam measuring Guide:

+ Removable seat and folding mechanism
+ 70mm Drum brakes
+ Sturmey Archer front hub
+ Shimani rear rear hubs
+ Stainless steel 14G spokes
+ 20 x 1.5" wheels
+ JetSet Alloy black rims
+ GreenSpeed Scorcher 40-406 tires
+ Shun cranks
+ 165mm crank length
+ 56-42-28T chain rings
+ Micro Shift front derailleur
+ Shimano 11-32T cassette
+ Shimano Altus rear derailleur
+ YBN-S8 Speed chain
+ Shimano Ultrgra bar end shifters
+ Black plastic pedals
+ GS Scorcher 40-349 Tires
+ Rear Mudgurd + Flag + Weight limit of 250 lbs

If the GreenSpeed accessory you are looking for is not listed, just e-mail us for a price quote.

The GS headrest is made to fit behind the nape of your neck, and just under the back of your helmet.
Headrest frames are made from Cromoly, the locking wedges from aluminum and the pad is a closed cell foam.
To seal the seat tube off from the elements, 'o'rings are included with your purchase.
The headrest is adjustable up and down, fore and aft to give near-perfect support.
It is best set up just a little behind the ideal position so that your eyeballs don't pop out of their sockets on those gravel sections of your ride!
Flag mounts are also fitted as you will have lost your original seat mounting

Please note, that GreenSpeed requires it to be shipped to a bike shop ONLY.
We will gladly ship your GreenSpeed to the bike shop of your choice.
At the Bike Shop, have a professional complete the assembly of your trike AND we will refund you UP TO $100 to have the bike shop assemble it for you.
Then just fax a copy of your assembly receipt to us and write your order number on it.
Please make sure to pre-arrange with the bike shop so they know its coming.

Reasons to Buy A GREENSPEED:
The Ride.
Once you see a Greenspeed, you will invariable find that there is NO comparison.
Steering on a Greenspeed has been so finely tuned that you only need to think about where you want to go... and you are there!
At any speed you will feel safe and in control, with plenty of road feedback to tell you what's going on.
Plus, the comfort of the ride makes the experience sheer pleasure.

Unceasing Development:
At Greenspeed they do not rest on their laurels-- they are always thinking there's a better way to do things. Greenspeed has been an industry leader in the conception and development of new ideas that many others end up adopting and using as their own. All the Greenspeed team members have trike experience and bring that experience to the design table, avoiding assumptions on what a recumbent trike should be.

Some of the seats have been chiropractor-designed to provide the rider with maximum bodily support-- they're not just a bunch of tubes thrown together at some angle because they look good that way! (Which they do as well.)
The tubes are then covered with a UV-resistant nylon mesh and laced with absorbent elastic cord, so chosen and designed to absorb most of the road shock in order to help cushion you from the wear-and-tear of long miles or to help get you to work in comfort.

Their Delrin toothed chain guide pulley is widely known and often supplied on other manufacturers' recumbents because of its quiet and proficient operation. The tubing used to guide the chain is custom-made, and is not the off-the-shelf water pipe regularly used by others. The chain to the rear wheel is linked gingerly and with minimum deviations to keep it efficient.

Greenspeed not only makes world-class trikes, they have parts specifically made for them that are a cut above the rest.

Greenspeed is not in the habit of going by external appearances but we do have to admit it-- their trikes look good!
They are stylish, attractive and keep their good looks.
The range of color options is breath-taking and the exceptional quality of its paintwork has brought Greenspeed compliments from all over the world.

Greenspeed has been making and improving trikes longer than anybody in the trike industry!!!
They carefully fashion, make or choose each component that goes into a trike-- considering, first, its long-term reliability and quality, then value for money. As Greenspeed is consistently improving their trikes, specifications may change without notice - so if you have a specification question - just call us at 201-775-4274.