Morgan Cycle Caboose Special Needs Folding Bike Trailer - 20" Morgan Cycle Caboose Morgan Cycle Caboose Special Needs Folding Bike Trailer - 20" Morgan Cycle Caboose
Morgan Cycle Caboose

Morgan Cycle Caboose Special Needs Folding Bike Trailer - 20"

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The Morgan Cycle Caboose is constructed with a durable, steel frame that folds for compact storage.

The stable 2 wheel design prevents side-to-side swaying enabling unsteady riders to fully enjoy the thrills of cycling. The spoke wheels with pneumatic tires and full bearings ensure a smooth ride. Free-wheel coasting feature allows trailer rider to coast along.

If you are looking for funds to purchase a special needs product, click here for organizations that may be able to assist you.
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TO SAVE YOU TIME, we pre-assemble the rear axle platform; so you can start the assembly instructions on page 10 (mounting wheels onto axle). To see the assembly instruction,  click here 

+ Wide, padded seat with coil springs to give the ultimate in comfort
+ Suits riders with a leg inseam measurement of 25-31" (true leg inseam, not pant-size measurement)
+ Maximum weight capacity 180 lbs.
+ Folds to about Length 40" x Width 26" x Height 35"
+ Connects to the parent bike with a specially designed hinge located just under the parent bike's seat
+ Quick-release disconnect from the parent or "pilot" bike
+ No brakes or multi-gears feature. The trailer relies upon parent bike for steering and braking control
+ Rear wired storage rack for your convenience
+ Safety reflectors and an orange flag to increase visibility

This Bicycle trailer's coupler hitch must be mounted/clamped on parent's pilot bike seat post at height of minimum 33" from ground. This Bicycle trailer may not be attached to certain small/short framed bicycles that lack the necessary 33" height. Please contact manufacturer for clarification.

This lightly padded attachment clamps easily to a seat post with four bolts and adds minimal weight to your ride.

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