Margay Special Needs Tricycle
Margay Special Needs Tricycle

Belize Tri-Rider Margay Special Needs Tricycle


This item cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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The Margay Special Needs Tricycle has a large foam-padded handlebar with adjustable height and angle to meet individual needs.

Now available outside of Canada!

Adjustability: Rider inseam from 19” to 28”

If you are looking for funds to purchase a special needs product, click here for organizations that may be able to assist you.
We gladly provide personalized quotations to assist in grant applications.

+ Steering by the care-giver/parent is available at the rear of the bike
+ Adjustable bottom bracket for exact pedal placement
+ Adjustable seat position, front and back, high and low for children to many adults
+ Adjustable back support, wide and narrow, high and low, front and back
+ Care-giver's Steering/Safety brake handle
+ Parking brake to aid mounting and dismounting of bike
+ Fully weighted pedals with sturdy heel support and straps
+ 16” front wheel and 20” rear wheels
+ Fixed drive

Maximum weight capacity: 200 Lbs.
Maximum height: 5'6" tall
Length: 68”
Width: 27”
Weight: 75 pounds

Requires Full Assembly
The manufacturer’s assembly instructions are intended for a cycle mechanic or an experienced cycling enthusiast skilled in cycle maintenance and repair. As we want you to fully enjoy the incredible riding experience of an adult tricycle, we recommend that you ask your local bike shop to assemble your Tri-Rider. If you plan to have your local bike shop assemble your tricycle, use your local bike shop as your shipping address.