EZ TRAINER Adult Training Wheels with Quick Release

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The EZ TRAINER is designed for adults who love to ride but are losing a bit of confidence on their bicycle due to a loss of balance.

The Side wheels and flexing coil ensues stabilization and a safe bicycle experience - even on turns.


+ Smaller, lighter and easier to maneuver than a tricycle.

+ keep your existing bicycle

+ Integrated suspension provides safety and comfort.

+ Intuitive riding experience provides ease of use

+ Kit includes the quick release coil allowing for easy transport.

You ride your bike as you always have - no other support system comes closer to the natural feel of riding a bicycle.

Mush less expensive that purchasing an adult tricycle - easy to install on most bicycles and works great.

The EZ TRAINER can also be used for rehabilitation and for individuals with special needs.

The EZ TRAINER is patented and certified to EN and JIS standards.

Adaptable to 24", 26" and 28" inch wheelbase bicycles


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