B&W Bicycle Box Transport Case

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B&W Bicycle Box Transport Case is suitable for all race and mountain bikes.

B&W is Germany's number 1 manufacturer of bicycle boxes.

The B&W Bicycle Box Transport Case is the bike case with the biggest loading capacity.

Strike-proof B&W ABS material

+ Rectangular shell case
+ Strike-proof ABS material, black
+ Surrounding aluminum frame
+ Four free running castor rollers with reinforced axle
+ Additional wheel in the ground
+ Double shell thickness in the roller area
+ Three hinges and three lockable clip locks, flush with frame, two butterfly locks
+ Four handles and a reinforced pilot handle for ideal handling comfort

+ Net Weight: 29.3 lbs

Inside dimensions: 1260 x 850 x 320 mm / 49.4" X 33.5" X 12.6"
Outer dimensions: 1280 x 880 x 325 mm / 52" X 35.2" X 13.8"

Can be used for airline travel