HERRMANS® Adrenaline Ergonomic Bicycle Grip

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If you are looking for a grip that is both ergonomic and adjustable, HERRMANS® ADRENALIN 3D02 triple density grip with mini bar end is is the one you want.

The 3D grips utilize Herrmans new Feather technology (F-Tech).

The result is a strong, flexible and dynamic grip with premium shock absorption to make your off-track ride all the smoother.

The angle of the grip is optimized for preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The fit is also optimized for the palm – releasing pressure from the Ulnar Nerve.

The lock is cleverly hidden behind the bar end, giving you extra security.

Herrmans is a Finnish company that makes some of the best Grips and dynamo powered bicycle lights in the world.


+ Length - 128mm

+ Weight - 77 grams

+ Bar end attached for extra positions on long climbs


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