CRUSSIS Cross 6.2 Adult KIck Scooter - Neon

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The CRUSSIS Neon Cross 6.2 European engendered and European manufactured Cross Kick Scooter frame was designed for rougher terrain or long downhills.

The scooter is equipped with hydraulic DISC brakes and a lockable suspension fork ZOOM.

The braking system consists of hydraulic brakes TEKTRO that do not lose braking effect even during long, hard braking. ZOOM suspension fork ensures maximum ride comfort even on rough terrain.

In order not to lose energy from rebound , the front fork is equipped with a lock.

It is possible to lock or unlock the fork at any given time depending on the rider’s need.

Emphasis was placed on a stiff frame which is reinforced in at the most stressed elements of the scooter.

This results in the a higher level of rider energy transformed into forward motion. Thus the scooter is fast - and perfectly controllable even at higher speeds.

Czech quality, unique design and an affordable price.

Wherever you ride your Crussis, you can be sure that the cleaver design and brilliant colors will turn heads.

The CRUSSIS Urban 6.2 uses only the quality components of global manufacturers such as Shimano, Tektro, SR Suntour, Schwalbe and Mitas.

Before every Cross 6.2 leaves the production line it is completely assembled together and examined.

Then it is disassembled, wrapped in protective material and inserted into a protective shipping box - to be safely delivered to its new owner.

The CRUSSIS Cross 6.2 is protect by patents within both the EU and the USA.

Currently CRUSSIS kick scooters are available in bike shops within Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and on-line in the USA

CRUSSIS is a team of young cycling enthusiasts who say "we want to produce kick scooters for you which you will not only be happy, but thrilled and excited! We wish you lots of happy kilometers and lots of fun with your CRUSSIS kick scooter. Change your life with a CRUSSIS kick scooter!"


+ 26" front and 20" low rolling resistance rear wheels

+ ZOOM MLO, lockable from the crown Fork

+ Internal cable routing

+ Hydraulic TEKTRO Auriga Brakes

+ Designed for riders up to 6' 7"

+ Suitable for city riding, on bike paths and other easy terrains

+ Excellent handling and stability at high speeds due to the relatively short wheelbase

+ Playful and unique color combination

+ Screwed Flatboard accommodates both feet

+ Aluminum Stem

+ Ahead Headset

+ Aluminum BMX Handlebars

+ Double walled rims

+ Head set: Ahead 1 1/8

+ SCHWALBE Tough Tom/Jumpin´Jack tires

+ Black Spokes

+ Ergonomic Grips

+ Built-in bell in brake

+ Sealed bearings hubs

+ Weight: 26.6 lbs

+ Maximum Load capacity: 330 lbs (150kg)

+ Length: 68.9"

+ Footboard length: 18.9"

+ Width: 24.4"

+ Height: 42.1"

+ Wheelbase: 47.2"

+ Valve type: AV

+ Requires assembly

Download Crussis Active, Urban & Road Assembly Instructions (pdf)

Ships directly from the Czech Republic - expect delivery in 7 - 10 days


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