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Shelter Bicycle Frame Protection is “The perfect thing to protect the down-tube and chain stay of a carbon cyclocross bike (as well as a mountain bike).”
“Shelter is specifically designed to protect down tubes from rocks kicked up by the front wheel, taking the energy out of every impact.

- Velo News, Lennard Zinn

Carbon is a great frame material, but chain slap and impacts to the down tube can cause weakening damage and cracking.

"... the folks at Cantitoe Road have found a bulletproof vest for your bike, and it looks a hell of a lot better than an old inner tube."

Shelter Package Includes:

* 2 Strips (strip size: 54mm X 500mm X 1.2mm / 2" X 20")

If you have a large downtube, longer than 15 inches (38.1 centimeters), or want to set-up multiple bikes, we recommend you purchase the Shop Roll a 55 mm x 5 m strip of Shelter.

Shop Roll is a 55 mm x 5 m strip of Shelter that you can use anywhere in any configuration you need.

What is Shelter and how does it protect my bicycle frame?
Shelter is the first product of it's kind, providing both abrasion and shock protection for any frame.
It's a visco-elastomeric material-like a memory foam, with 50 layers of energy-absorbing netting, that absorbs energy before it gets through to the frame.
Shelter will diminish every impact.

Why Shelter bicycle frame protection medium / tape?
There are many abrasion resistant products, like "Helicopter tape" or "duct tape" but none of them provide shock absorption.
Shelter is the first shock absorption and abrasion resistant bicycle frame protection product of its type.

Other protection tapes will work to protect your frame from impact.
Anything is better than nothing, however:
(a) If the protection medium is too hard, impact force is transmitted through the protection medium to the frame.
(b) If the protection medium is too soft, the medium is pushed out of the way and the impact force is directly imparted to the frame.

Selter is just right, and better than anything else out there.
Shelter is specifically designed, with its 50 layers of energy-absorbing netting, and an optimized density.
Shelter diminishes and withstands the real world impacts of stones that could cause damage that you're likely to receive as stones are thrown up against the down tube.

Shelter is also pretty much invisible so your bike graphics are not hidden from the world.
Does Shelter protect aluminum, Ti, steel, and bamboo frames?

Yes, you can use it to protect any bike. But it was specifically created to mitigate the exposure carbon frames have to this particular kind of damage.
It also works well to protect chain stays and any other impact area.
Where can Shelter be used to protect the bicycle frame?

Great places for a Shelter Impact Absorption Strip:
+ underside of down tubes,
+ chain stays,
+ along head tubes to protect from cable housing abrasion and the sound of the housing slapping against the tubes.


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