Bar Mitts Police Mountain Bike Handle Bar Cold Weather Hand Protectors

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Fight back with Mountain Bike Bar Mitts. Do not let the cold, rain, wind or snow keep you from cycling!

The elements can be tough on your hands. Fight back with Bar Mitts.

Small, Medium and Large - Waterproof, 5mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination inside and outside

Extreme Cold - (One size fits all) - Waterproof, 6mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination outside and Fleece (Extreme only) lining on the inside

Bar Mitts are a cold weather bicycle accessory to help keep hands warm and comfortable in the cold, rain, snow or wind.

Easily installed and removed for temperature changes.

Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness.

They have a zipper opening for the cables and a Velcro closure that attaches to the handle bar.

Bar Mitts stay secure on the handle bars while riding allowing your hands to slide in and out without difficulty.

Braking and shifting is also easily accomplished.

If your hands get too warm, simply unzip the Bar Mitts to ventilate.

Bar Mitts are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber often used for waterproofing or weather resistant clothing (i.e. wetsuits).

The neoprene has a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles.

These bubbles serve as insulators, just as styrofoam does.

Since the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof.

The thickness of the neoprene is 5.5 mm with nylon laminated on each side.

Due to the body of the neoprene, the Bar Mitts stay open allowing easy access and removal of hands.

Installation Guide - Installing on DROP bars:


+ Removable Velcro cuffs (Extreme only) for easy access & removal of hands with no draw string complications

+ For ventilation & temperature regulation, a zipper is located along the front of the Mitts with an extended zipper pull (Extreme only)

+ Opening measurements across where your hands go in are 8" small, 8.5" medium and 9" large

+ Fits road bars with Shimano STI levers that have exposed shifter cables

+ Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness

+ Temperature ratings vary by person. See testimonial page from customers

+ Reflective material on seam & logo

How do you determine size?

Go by what size glove you normally wear.

The snugger the fit, the less air loss.

Do Bar Mitts replace gloves?

No, but it drastically reduces the glove thickness increasing dexterity.

How is it getting in and out of the Bar Mitts?

Getting in & out of the Bar Mitts is a natural movement.

The mitts stay open so you can slide your hand in & out with no thought involved.

How should they be washed?

Rinse in cool water.

Do not iron or dry clean.

Manufacturer's Guarantee:

Guaranteed for life of the original owner and should they fail during normal usage as a result of a component, material or manufacturing fault, excluding fair wear and tear, then the product will be repaired or replaced (with the same or a similar model) at manufacturer's discretion.

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