Factory Team Bikes FTB BMX Balance Bike

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Factory Team Bikes makes the only REAL BMX Balance Bike - also called running bikes or walking bikes - what ever you call them - only FTB makes real BMX versions.

And when they decided to add a balance bike to the FTB BMX range, the mission was not to beat competitors on price - it was to beat them on quality.

FTB wants you would be proud to see your kid ride (not some toy store piece of junk) but something durable enough to eventually be passed on to family or friends to share the love of learning to ride a bike with future generations. A gift that keeps on giving!

With its quality steel frame and forks, chunky tires and sealed bearings throughout, not only is the FTB balance bike fully serviceable, you also get all the quality and great design which the FTB brand is renowned for.

Kids these days have never had it so good!


+ BMX frame, fork, stem and handlebar

+ Sealed Headset bearings for maintenance free steering

+Sealed hub bearings for smooth rolling

+ Chunky tires for greater traction and stability


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