Cinq5 The Plug III Dynamo Powered USB Charger

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The Plug III is absolutely simple to use and requires no technical knowledge.

The Plug III features:

+ Eco-friendly power supply for USB-devices (GPS, MP3-Player or mobile phones) via dynamo hub

+ Converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB 5V standard

+ Full integration of the entire electronics into the TopCap

+ Clean bike design, easy retrofit as well as a very good theft protection

+ Tough 6061 aluminum housing, corrosion-resistant

+ Tough housing does not only look great, but also withstands serious impacts

+ iPhone® support built-in

+ Plug-in and ride – great handling in combination with the iPhone, as the Plug III does not need a special iPhone cable

+ Simple TopCap installation – just connect the cable with the USB-TopCap and the dynamo hub – it is that simple!


+ Weight 100 grams

+ Diameter 3.6 cm

+ Height 2.5 cm

+ Output USB 5V

+ Input dynamo hub with 6V / 3W

+ Connector USB Typ-A

+ No upper charge speed limit
+ Replaces headset top cap

Please note: Some images show the Plug III connected to several devices to demonstrate intended use these devices are not included.


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