FoxFire Police Wig-Wag Bicycle tail Light - 26 Super Bright LED's

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The FoxFire Wig-Wag is equipped with 26 Super Bright LED's.

The Red/Blue version can only be purchased by Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel - authorized purchasers only

Coupled with patent pending LED Magnifiers, the FoxFire brings hi-powered emergency lighting to any situation.

This battery powered light features a polycarbonate lens and rugged construction making it an extremely dependable and versatile option for lighting on-the-go.


+ Seat Post Clamp

+ Size: 6" (L) x 4" (W or high) x 2" thick

+ 26 Super Bright LED's

+ Fast Flash or Constant On

+ 360ยบ Illumination

+ LED Magnifiers

+ Also has Self Supporting Stand for off bike uses

+ Magnetic Back

+ Polycarbonate Lens

+ Rugged Construction

+ Extremely Versatile

+ Easy Access to Batteries

So Bright, the Wig-Wag can also be used for:

Traffic Control

Work Zone Safety

Warehouse & Factory Safety

Disaster Scenes

EMT, Fire & Rescue Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

Oversized Loads

Helicopter Landing Zones

Crane & Boom Operators

Farm Equipment on Open Road


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