Wireless LED and Laser Lane Bike Blinker and Tail light

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The Wireless LED and Laser bike blinker and taillight does it all - with NO wires!

That is right - no wires!

It is real bright too!

Constructed well and packaged nicely, this piece will surely last for years to come.

The LED blinkers light up as flashing amber arrows, either right or left, alerting motorists and other cyclists when you are planning to make a turn.

Hold either of the two arrow buttons for 3 seconds, and both flashers will rapid-flash simultaneously as Hazard lights.

The LED taillight is red, and has 3 modes: steady, flash, or chasing.

These all alert motorists to your presence.

For added protection, the Laser beams create a lane behind you, sending a clear message to motorists "Stay Out!".

The laser beams have 2 modes: Steady and Flash.

Flash conserves battery power, while helping grab attention.

Turn them all on together: the arrows in hazard mode, the taillight in flash mode, the laser beams in flash mode, and you'll be stopping traffic!

The wireless control console attaches to your front handlebar (or you can keep it on your person).

It has 4 buttons - one to control the right blinker, one for the left, one for the rear light, and one for the laser beam.

Each of the 3 features (blinkers, rear light, and laser) operate independently of each other.

A real plus with this device is that the control console shows you which mode each of the lights are currently in, so you have no need to second guess and there are no unpleasant surprises - oops, my rear light was off the entire time, and I thought it was on!

Takes 2 AAA Batteries for the rear light and 1 cell battery for the control console.

All batteries are included.

The manufacturer even throws in a mini-screwdriver so you can get in the batteries easily.

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