Firmstrong Urban Boutique Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike Women's 26"

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The Urban Boutique Beach Cruiser has a classic frame design with a touch of modern elegance.

Firmstrong bicycles are built to last and are an excellent value

Simple design touches gives this bike an aesthetic edge without sacrificing it’s simple and clean appearance.

The Urban Boutique has one gear and one brake, so riding and operating this cruiser bike is simple.

Even for those of us who haven’t ridden in a long time, or aren't really comfortable riding a bike.

No cables hanging off the bike or complicated gear systems, the Bella has a very clean and appealing design.

It makes bike rides fun, relaxing and comfortable.

The ride is smooth and effortless, the wide tires and spring saddle make the ride soft and comfortable.

The brake system is a coaster brake, which means the rider pedals backwards to stop, just like the original beach cruisers.


+ Steel Frame with 26” Painted Aluminum Wheels

+ Front/Rear Fenders

+ Thick top tube design with Hawaiian flowers

+ Front/Rear Fenders and Painted Rims

+ Dual Spring Oversized Seat for Added Comfort

+ Single Speed with a Pedal-Backwards Coaster Brake for easy pedaling and smooth braking

+ 2.125” Wide White-Wall Tires provide a cushioned, relaxed ride for easy rolling

+ 28.5” Wide Chrome Plated Cruiser Bike Handlebars

+ Synthetic Leather Black Grips

+ Bicycle Weighs 43 lbs. Fully Assembled

+ Fits Most Women 5’ – 6’ Tall

+ The Seat and Handlebar Height and Tilt can be adjusted to properly fit the rider

+ Bike comes 80% Assembled

+ Designed in Hermosa Beach, CA

Regular Price: $240.00

Special Price $185.95

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Regular Price: $240.00

Special Price $185.95