Challenge Criterium SC S Clincher Road Tire

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The Challenge Criterium SC S Clincher Road Tire is the choice of professional riders.

The Criterium is the most traditional tire in the Challenge line.

Numerous victories and podiums have proven Criterium the top Pro racing tire


+ PPS (anti-puncture belt)
+ Center tread runs length-wise to alleviate rolling-resistance
+ Lateral sidecuts toward the outside provide superior cornering grip
+ 320 TPI
+ Tread is glued onto fully-inflated casing to achieve a neutral tread state when tires are in use.
+ Corespun casing fabric is woven from thread spun at the Challenge manufacturing facility.
+ 205 grams
+ Aramid Bead
+ 105 0 145 PSI

How Hand Made Challenge Tires are Made:
All tubular and open tubular tires produced by Challenge are special products.
Machines are not able to produce the quality required by Challange - thus they are hand made.
The casing is produced with the latest technical materials like Corespun (a cotton and polyester combination).
Corespun is a thread that creates a very supple and strong casing with low weights.
The casings have a high TPI count that can reach over 320 tpi.
The Challenge production process avoids any vulcanisation process - thus all materials retain their suppleness and flexibility.

The tread is slowly hand glued on a casing which has been mounted and inflated on a rim.
With this method the tread is relaxed on the casing and does not suffer any tension when inflated.
This process produces a lower rolling resistance, an increase in comfort, more precise handling of the bike and better grip.
Hand made tubulars are well known by Professionals prefer hand made tubulars for the long stage races.

To give the best possible grip on curves, Challenge uses the most contemporary materials to obtain flexibility, suppleness. As a result irregular surfaces are absorbed by the tire - giving to the cyclist the best possible contact patch.
The wheel avoids jumping and the tire will deform and absorb the irregularities acting in some way as a shock absorber.
A special fabric is placed between the tread and casing to increase puncture resistance “PPS” (Puncture Protection System).

Comfort means reduction of harmful vibrations for the wrists and neck, these vibrations.

What is an Open Tubular Tire:
Open tubular differ from traditional clinchers in construction.
The tire is produced just like a tubular and uses the same materials and production process.
Instead of being sewed with an inner tube inside, at the end of the process, beads are made by folding the casing around Aramid fibers threads.
For this reason an open tubular gives very similar ride feel of that of a tubular, mainly if a latex inner tube is used.

Mounting an open tubular on a wheel is the same as mounting a standard clincher but with the advantage of riding a much more comfortable and performing tire.

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