Dolce Vita Star Fighter Hydrophobic Cycling Sunglasses

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Dolce Vita Star Fighter Hydrophobic Cycling Sunglasses are manufactured to the highest standards including the requirements o
+ the European Union
+ the F.D.A.

Vision stays instead sharp and crystal clear at all times

La Dolce Vita glasses are distinguished by a rider's ability to pick out details, the ability to judge differences in color and the ability to recognize distances between objects near and far.
La Dolce Vita glasses effectively protect the eyes from wind, sand, dirt and flying objects or insects.

The StarFighter was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding and discriminating amateur and professional cyclists.

The Results:
+ ultra-light
+ virtually unbreakable
+ top quality lenses (from France, United States of America and Japan)
+ meets all sorts of weather and light conditions

The ultimate eyewear for cyclists can demand at the right price.
There is no longer a need to spend a fortune to purchase a quality sunglass

The frame is made of Grilamid TR90 material: very light, shock resistant, safe and elastic (virtually unbreakable).
The nose-pad is made of TPR hypoallergenic material
Three sets of lenses packed in a shock-resistant case: clear anti-fog, red revo or blue iridium (depending on the model) and orange hydrophobic and oilphobic.
These orange hydrophobic and oilphobic lenses, manufactured in France, are made of MAKROLON® from BAYER SWISS MATERIAL SCIENCE.
MAKROLON® is known for its high light transmission (totally clear and transparent like glass), high heating resistance, great toughness, and very good dimensional stability.

Therefore rain, mud, fat, sweat, and various types of oils do not stick on these very special lenses and can easily be wiped away .

The Results:
+ a sharp, clear and unobstructed vision
+ low maintenance of the lenses
+ smudges and smears wipe off easily
+ no smearing nor streaking
+ no oil nor water/sweat smears
+ no blurred vision

1. BLACK/RED FRAME - Lenses - clear anti-fog, red revo, and orange hydrophobic and oilphobic - STARNR
2. WHITE/BLUE FRAME - clear anti-fog, blue iridium, and orange hydrophobic and oilphobic - STARWB
3. WHITE/RED FRAME - clear anti-fog, red revo, and orange hydrophobic and oilphobic - STARWR


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