DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket for Pets

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The DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket is being re-designed and will include the Britch for front end attachments.

The DoggyRide Cocoon allows you to now bring your dog with you on your biking excursions.

The DoggyRide cozy Cocoon can be your small dog's new urban retreat. Head on a road trip with your faithful friend.

This basket can easily attach to a bicycle that already has a KLICKfix handlebar adapter (sold separately as an option) giving your dog a great view of the open road.
The Cocoon comes standard with an interior safety leash.
With the Cocoon's mesh dome installed, your dog can feel safe and secure while still enjoying the joys of fresh air and beautiful views.
For rainy days, the Cocoon's rain cover protects your dog from nature's cold and wet elements.

Enjoy discovering the outdoors, together.

When removing the Cocoon from your bike, simply remove the shoulder strap from one of the side pockets, attach it to the basket and continue enjoying having your dog by your side as go for a walk with the Cocoon as a pet carrier.
The Cocoon's hard sides means that this is a durable basket that can safely carry the things you put inside, yet the bottom is soft enough, made of foam and PP board, to allow for furry passengers to enjoy a cushioned trip inside.

The Cocoon's 70 denier nylon interior is water resistant and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth, allowing it to be used for many additional purposes, such as a portable grocery basket.

When traveling by car, the Cocoon can also be used as a car seat. *Using the Cocoon as a car booster seat requires a secondary tether, (sold separately as an option)
This way, your dog can enjoy a safe and exciting view of the road and adventure which awaits.

Go anywhere, together, with the Cocoon.

Adapters sold separately as an option.

+ Ideal for dogs weighing 15 pounds/7 kilograms or less
+ Can also be used as a pet carrier, travel pet bed, or pet car seat
+ Carrying strap can attach in five different ways
+ Mesh dome cover and rain cover protect your pet from the elements while providing a safe travel experience
+ Exterior is made of durable polyester and interior is made of water-resistant nylon

KLICKfix handlebar adapter (can be used for many different items that accept the KLICKfix)
No need to purchase if you already own this handlebar adapter.
+ KLICKfix handlebar adapter in Standard size/style.
+ Made to fit on bikes with handlebars of 22-26 mm in diameter.

Extra Leash Set
To leash the dog inside the car. In case you wish to open the front window and ensure they'll stay safely inside.
The leash set can also be used to walk two dogs on one main leash.

Regular Price: $119.00

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Regular Price: $119.00

Special Price $90.00