DoggyRide Mini Dog Bicycle Trailer

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The DoggyRide Mini Dog Bicycle Trailer was created to accommodate the smaller dogs.

This product CANNOT be shipped to Asia, Alaska, Australia, Hawaii or New Zealand.

Your small dog wants to be with you, during a bike ride, a shopping trip or any outdoor activity.
For that reason we added a new product to the popular DoggyRide product family.
The DoggyRide Mini was created to accommodate the smaller dogs.
Instead of being squeezed into a pet bicycle basket they now have their own roomy space to sit, sleep or just look around.

DoggyRide proudly designed an eye catching product for optimal visibility.
The cabin can also be used as a crate or tent.
The Mini is a versatile product for camping, shopping, training or just enjoying that relaxing bicycle ride.
All the necessities are always within reach, in a pouch (content of 4 liters) attached at the back, as well as a water bottle holder.
The sun roof provides daylight and you can check your passenger(s).

This spunky trailer invites you to share an energetic, safe ride with your pooch.
The efficient and trendy design brings together the adorable little doggy, beautiful bike and proud owner
Enjoy the ride and smile away the envy of onlookers.

This bike trailer for dogs is the ultimate alternative to strapping a dog into a cramped and uncomfortable pet carrier, bike basket or cargo trailer.

+ Fabric and screen mesh that protects rain, UV and paw scratches
+ 4 leash hooks at corners to buckle up riders
+ Includes safety flag
+ Eye catching design
+ Constant air circulation
+ Dust and wind cover in front
+ Sun roof to accommodate your doggies
+ Stable and cleanable anti-slip floor
+ Compact trailer for a safe and convenient use
+ Tow bar adjustable for leveled ride
+ Wheel holder for front wheel
+ Converts to stroller with optional set
+ Cabin suitable as car seat or training crate
+ Folds easily by release of single pin
+ Suitable for cats & dogs
+ Quick release wheels for easy and quick conversion
+ Designed in Holland, design patented in US.
+ Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
+ Weight capacity is 55 lbs.

The Mini's plastic base makes cleanup after a ride extra easy, and allows the trailer to double as a 50 lbs cargo trailer if you choose to leave your pooch at home that day.
The canopy zips open and closed at the front and back, and the entire trailer folds down flat for storage or transportation.

The Mini has a 'sunroof' opening at the top with a clear, roll-down PVC cover to protect your dog from the elements.
In the back is a handy 'pouch' for necessities (biscuits and bones?) as well as a water bottle holder.

Comfort & Safety:
Like all DoggyRide pet trailers, the bottom of the DoggyRide Mini is solid MDF plastic with an anti-slip layer on the top.
This combination makes cleanup easy and keeps your dog from sliding around during stops, starts, and turns.
The 12" aluminum spoke wheels and low center of gravity makes a ride in the Mini a smooth as can be.

The enclosed canopy of the DoggyRide Mini will keep your dog secure, but there's also an optional Mini Leash Set for additional security during the ride.

Optional Extra Hitch for 2nd Bike:
An extra hitch part that attaches permanently to the bicycle to use on a second bicycle.
In case you want to use the DoggyRide on more than one bicycle the extra hitch is recommended.

Optional Pet Mat:
The Mini Pet Mat is the perfect mat for use inside the Mini bike trailer or stroller.
It is 2.5 inches thick, filled with a dense foam.
The mat measures 21.5 inches L, 16 inches H and 2.5 inches W.
The cover is made of soft microfabric and has a hidden zipper, allowing for the cover to be removed for machine washing.
The pet mat comes in one color, which is a standard black with updated DoggyRide logo in the corner.
This pet mat can also be used outside of the Mini trailer or Mini stroller as a mat on which to lounge or as an additional layer of comfort for a dog bed, and more.

Optional Rain / Wind Cover:
Protection against wind and rain.
There is breathing opening on the side, for use during a ride or stroll.

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Regular Price: $219.00

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