EV Rider Stand-N-Ride Electric Scooter

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The Stand-N-Ride three wheel electric scooter is a top quality, stable and easily maneuverable 3 wheel scooter, designed for a variety of recreational and commercial applications.

Unlike other mobility scooters, this simplified mobility scooter is capable of carrying up to 300 lbs and is ideal for use by pre-mobility candidates as a stand-up scooter or comfortably seated on an optional scooter seat.

+ Neighborhood Errands
+ Pre-Mobility Candidate scooter
+ Industrial and Commercial Personal Mobility
+ Warehouses
+ Airports
+ Security Patrols

+ New improved 20 Ah Standard Batteries - an upgrade from 18Ah at no additional cost
+ Programmable Controller - Previous controller was not programmable
+ One size fits all, adjustable tiller to fit both standard SNR and SNR-2
+ Folding tiller that eliminates the need to break down the unit for transportation and makes it more compact to be transported in smaller vehicles as a whole
+ New LED headlight design and tiller covers
+ Black Tires

+ Powerful 500 Watt 24 Volt BLDC Motor
+ Forward and Reverse Motion (programmable Speed, up to 15 MPH top speed)
+ Throttle and brake lever on the right. This enables the rider to open doors and navigate through with one hand operating the controls and the other holding the door open
+ Oversized disc brakes

With a powerful 500 watt but silent hub motor, the new programmable Stand-N-Ride scooter easily achieves 15 mph and can easily be programmed to a lower speed at the controller level before shipping. The battery is conveniently charged while on the scooter or can easily be lifted for charging anywhere to give you a 15-20 miles range on a full charge.

This mobility scooter is the most portable scooter with the heaviest part weighing only 43 lbs and can be dismantled to fit in the trunk of a small car. The SNR comes apart in less than 30 seconds into light weight pieces, tiller, base frame, battery pack, basket and seat without any tools. It will easily fit into the back of any compact car making transportation a breeze. The scooter handlebars are quickly adjustable making it easy to ride for people of different heights and children.

The SNR scooter has a reverse motion capability and even better has a tiller that turns 360 degrees, so there is no need to use the reverse shifter.
Other standard features on the new Stand-N-Ride scooter includes keyed switch, front light, large detachable cargo basket, horn, non-marking tires, and reverse mode for easy turns in tight spots.
Economical and practical, Fast and Fun to ride!

+ Programmable up to 15 mph top speed
+ Forward and reverse mode speed
+ Included Charger and widely available 20AH Batteries
+ Powerful 500 Watt 24 V BLDC Motor
+ 300 lbs load weight capability
+ Convenient, easy to remove and charge battery pack
+ Optional seat can be installed easily in the field
+ 15-20 miles range on a fully charged battery
+ Patent-pending, wireless take-apart system
+ Oversized detachable basket
+ Non-marking black tires
+ Cutting-edge LED headlight and horn
+ Disc Brakes
+ Free elegant safety helmet

Your SNR scooter is fitted with a powerful (500 Watt) brush-less, gear-less DC motor, therefore, noise at low speeds is typical of this technology and should not be interpreted as faulty motor components. The “noise” is more apparent when slowing down due to regenerative braking feature of the controller and decreases as faster speeds are achieved.

Motor Type - 500 Watt brushless DC Front Hub Motor
Controller - 500 Watt with regenerative braking feature
Maximum Speed - 15 Mph / 24 km/h *
Standard Battery - 24V 20 Ah (2 x 12volt 20ah batteries)
Driving Range with Standard Batteries -15 - 20 miles / 24 - 32 Km *
Driving Range with Optimum Batteries - 18 - 22 miles / 29 - 35 Km *
Brake System - Disc Brake
Charger Type - 120 - 250 VAC, 24 V / 2 Amp
Charging Time - 6 - 8 hrs
Climbing Ability - 12 degrees

Seat Specifications:
Seat Type Options - Oversized Bike Seat With Seat Suspension
Mobility Style Seat With Folding Back Rest
Bicycle Seat Dimensions - 12.75" W x 10"" Depth x 11" H
Mobility Seat Dimensions - 16.0" W x 14" Depth x 14" H
Scooter Turning Radius - 22 in / 55 cm

Tire Specifications
Tire Type - Non-marking, pneumatic
Front Wheel Size (Diameter x Width) - 12½ x 2¼"
Rear Wheel Size (Diameter x Width) - 12½ x 2¼"

Weight Specifications:
Weight with Batteries - 123 lbs /55 Kg
Weight without Batteries - 95 lbs / 43 Kg
Load Capacity stand-up-only version - 300 lbs / 136 Kg
Load Capacity with Bicycle Seat - 250 lbs / 114 Kg
Load Capacity with Folding Mobility Seat - 220 lbs / 100 Kg

Overall Length - 36.3" / 99.2 cm
Overall Width - 25.3" / 64.2 cm
Overall Height
- 48" / 122 cm (Maximum)
- 42 in / 107 cm (Minimum)
Deck Height - 7" / 18 cm
Ground Clearance - 2.75" / 7 cm
Basket Dimensions - 17.75" L x 10.25" W x 10"H
Basket Fits on Rear or Front (Basket Use is Optional)


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