Gear Up Black Max - Ultimate Wall Mount Folding Kayak Rack

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The Gear Up "Black Max" Wall Mount Folding Kayak Rack boasts industry leading features like a 200 lb total weight capacity, Multi-stage rust resistant finish, and carbon steel tube storage arms with ΒΌ inch thick foam padding.

+ Save space and stay safe with the quick folding option and easy-to-use latch lock as well.
+ Easy to install and includes stainless steel hardware for years of dependable service.
+ Each storage arm features a vinyl coated accessory hook below the main storage area as well for easy and convenient storage of a paddle and/or gear.
+ Storage arms are designed with function in mind and can be used to store many other items besides kayaks or canoes such as paddleboards, surfboards, ladders and many other items.
+ 200 lb weight capacity (100 lbs per storage arm).
+ Each storage arm is 25" x 8" x 12" when extended out. 9 lbs weight.


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