Heininger Advantage SportsRack glideAWAY2 Deluxe 4 Bike Carrier

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The Heininger Advantage SportsRack glideAWAY2 Deluxe 4 Bike Carrier allows full access to the rear interior of the vehicle without the necessity of removing the bikes.

Designed around an accordion style folding mechanism, the glideAWAY2 deluxe can extend up to 23 inches away from its locked position close to the vehicle. This makes it perfect for use with hatchbacks.

It can also swivel either left or right when extended, allowing for even more space to reach cargo.

The glideAWAY2 utilizes an anti-wobble device and an adapter to fit both 2" and 1.25" hitch receiver sizes.

The glideAWAY2 deluxe 4 bike carrier eliminates the agony and irritation often experienced with other rear mounted carriers of having to take your bikes off every time you want access to your vehicle from the back.

Designed to hold up to four bicycles with 1-2" top frame tubes.

The ingenuous accordion style folding arm construction of the glideAWAY2 allows it to be pulled away from your vehicle with the simple lifting of the handle of its spring loaded safety latch, located behind its main upright support post.

This instant 23" of additional space gives you easy, convenient access to the cargo area of your vehicle anytime you need it.

When finished with cargo, the glideAWAY2 pops easily back into a secure locked position just by pushing it back towards the hitch receiver and allowing the latch to snap back into place.

The glideAWAY2 bike carrier also glides from side to side accommodating vehicles with rear side opening doors and allowing for more space around the hatch of your vehicle when you need it.


+ Adapter with anti-rattle device included to fit 2" or 1.25" receiver hitches

+ Folding carrying arms simply rotate out of the way when rack is not in use

+ Reflective bike arms hold up to 4 bikes

+ Extra long advantage saddle straps hold bikes securely without scratching the bike's finish

+ Folding carrying arms rotate out of the way when rack is not in use.

+ Extra-long saddles conveniently swivel around the tubing to accept women's, BMX, and complex geometry frames

+ Manufacturer's 2 year warranty


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