BuzzRack SP1 BUZZrider 2 Bicycle Roof Rack

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The BuzzRider is a bicycle roof rack that allows you to carry 2 bikes and all your bike gear in an integrated water resistant bag

When not in use, you can remove the rack from your bars in a few seconds.

BuzzRack with gear bag shown

The BuzzRider bag is a very convenient way to keep your bike gear together.

Just put your shoes, helmets and dirty socks in it, and keep your car's interior fresh.

The bag is water resistant (zipper too!) and UV resistant.

All sides are padded for extra protection.

Fit the bag on the BuzzRider frame in 2 clicks with the front and rear buckles. Then fasten the side velcro straps and you are ready to go.

The BuzzRider frame is light, very light (4.5kg)

It is solidly built with high quality tempered aluminum.

It can be used as a small convenient basket to carry your BuzzRider bag or any other item (Max 10Kg / 22lbs)

The fork mounts are made from high quality aluminum extrusions.

The skewers are 9mm and can be used to carry forks with disk brakes.

Easy to use, these skewers have equipped thousands of bike racks from various brands.

The adjustable wheel holder fits any dimension of tire nicely.

The high resistance velcro strap fits any size and shape of wheel perfectly without damaging them.

The attachment system fits on your crossbar (any type, aftermarket, or original bars supplied with the car).

You leave the attachment brackets on your car at all times.

And then just put on your frame.

It only takes 60 seconds.

The kit is made of a thick steel bracket and protective soft pads to protect your bars.

The steel parts are protected by a resistant outdoor coating.

Max bar size: width 90mm (3"), height 33mm (1.25")


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