Echowell U13W Wireless Bicycle Computer

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The Echowell Echo U13 Wireless cycling computer has a large screen set up with most of the information available in one quick glance.
The Echowell Echo U13 is easy to operate.
Installation is simple with easy-to-follow instructions.
The Echowell Echo U13 is an easy to use bicycle computer.
The Echowell Echo U13 is sturdy that's and user friendly.

The specific advantage of Echowell bicycle computers is high reliability and stability.
Echowell is the result of strict control of design integrity, materials and production

Current Speed
Average Speed
Trip Distance
Maximum Speed
Riding Time
Total Riding Time
Speed Pacer
12/24HR Clock
Auto Scan
Co2 Saving
Total Co2 Saving
Manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty.