Hiplok Lite V1.0 Wearable Bicycle Lock

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The Hiplock Lite V1.0 has the same features as the V1.50, but is was designed as a lighter weight version.

The Hiplock is the first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn around the waist.
The Hiplok's integrated and fully adjustable buckle feature allows the rider to tighten the lock around the waist without actually locking the device. offering a level of portability, comfort and versatility never seen before.

Winner of the Sold Bronze Award.

Chain / Sleeve:
6mm hardened steel chain
Removable 600d outer sleeve with stealth black on black logo

Padlock / Buckle:
+ 8mm hardened steel shackle
+ Steel lock body with brass mechanism
+ Impact resistant, super tough nylon case
+ 3 Keys included

Waist Sizing:
+ Minimum 61cm / 24”
+ Maximum 111cm / 44”

Locking circumference:
+ 75cm / 29"

+ 1kg / 2.2 lbs.


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