AltoLab Basic Breathing Kit

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If you are sharing and AltoLab kit it is a good idea to have your own breathing kit for hygenic reasons.

The AltoLab breathing kit has the same breathing components as the AltoLab PERFORMANCE Kit, a zippered canvas pouch,
AltoLid, connectors, swivel-expandable breathing tube, nose clip, thin foam inserts, two bacterial filters and mouthpiece.

AltoLab Breathing Kit with all the same breathing components found in the AltoLab PERFORMANCE Kit.
Use this as your own personal kit when sharing an AltoLab unit with others.

+ an AltoLid
+ two thin foam inserts
+ two bacterial filters
+ connector
+ swivel-expandable flex tube
+ nose clip
+ mouthpiece in a zipper canvas bag

The hygenic way to go when sharing the AltoLab with others.