AltoLab AltoMixer Triple Stack

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The AltoMixer Triple-Stack is what's actually used to adjust your altitude.

Each AltoMixer is equal to about 5000 ft. of altitude.
Breathing through a single mixer causes a modest drop in blood oxygen %.
Breathing through 2 mixers (equal to about 10,000 feet) causes a drop in most people down to 90-92% blood oxygen after about 2 minutes.
Three mixers it drops it down to 84-90% and 4-6 mixers drops it down to 65-84% blood oxygen, depending on the individual.
Each session is done at intervals of 6 minutes/ON and 4 minutes/OFF repeated 6 times.

Going to altitude is as simple as that! It's typically done while reclining on a sofa.
During, it's vital that you constantly monitor your % oxygen levels with the pulse oximeter.
If you want to raise or lower your oxygen, you can add or remove AltoMixers.
There is a 20-30 second lag in reading the change on your oximeter.