AltoLab Hypoxic Silo

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The hypoxic silo is essential for making the AltoLab work.
It removes carbon dioxide from the air you exhale that is low in oxygen.
This exhaled air is mixed with fresh air at the base of the AltoLab unit reducing the oxygen content.
Exposure to reduced oxygen levels for only a few minutes a day will stimulate your body similar to living at high altitude.

Each hypoxic silo is good for about 3 hours of breathing before it needs to be replaced.

Many AltoLab users want to save money and share kits.
However, it is absolutely vital that each person have their own, separate 6-pack of hypoxic silos when you start the 15-day AltoLab training program.
The AltoLab kit comes supplied with 6 silos.
If you intend on training continuously, you will average about 2 silos every 20 days.
For athletes who train continuously throughout the year we recommend purchasing a case of 30 hypoxic silos.

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