Tidy Tent Scoot-A-Cave Outdoor Scooter Cave Storage System

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The Tidy Tent Scoot-A-Cave Outdoor Scooter Cave Storage System is now Available in the USA for the first time.

Shelter, security and convenience.
An affordable, versatile storage solution

The Scoot-A-Cave provides quick and easy access to your Electric or Gas Scooter.
The Scoot-A-Cave has been designed as a 'Home for your Electric or Gas Scooter.

No more rummaging around at the back of your shed trying to get to your Scooter.

The Scoot-A-Cave, like the TidyTent, is manufactured from a very clever Polyester and Polyurethane mix – a quality fabric that is tough and durable, hard wearing and easy to clean.
The special Polyester based fabric combined with the flexible fiber-glass rod chassis, have been specifically chosen to provide a lightweight storage solution that can be either a permanent or a temporary fixture – its completely up to you.

It can be free standing or neatly integrated into your garden housed against an existing wall or fence.

Designed to be quick and easy to install.
The Scoot-A-Cave has a detachable zipped front panel providing the owner with the choice of having the front open or closed – very useful in the summer months when rainfall is less prevalent and access is required frequently.
Suitable for virtually any climate, the distinctive arched profile allows rain and snow simply to run off, keeping the Scoot-A-Cave's contents safe and dry.

Screws to a wall or fence - secure in even the strongest wind
Large enough for 2-3 adult-size bicycles - 200cm x 167cm x 80cm
Detachable front cover unzips for quick and easy access
Packs away to a small compact size - 21" x 7" x 5.5"
Weighs only 6.6 lbs
Outside Dimensions: 80" Length x 35" Width and when assembled unit is just under 66" High
Made from waterproof and UV resistant polyester/polyurethane fabric
Snow and rain simply slides off.
Quick and easy to assemble - need to be followed to the letter

All Green
Green & Cream

Optional "Anka Point" Security Bracket
The Scoot-A-Cave has a velcro detachable rear cut-out panel, through which you can fit the optional wall-mounted Anka Point.
The Anka Point is a hardened steel, wall-mounted security bracket, which comes with a set of one-way clutch-head screws and wall plugs.
Once attached to your wall or fence this creates a permanent fixture to anchor your goods with a padlock and chain or scooter lock.

The Scoot-A-Cave and Anka Point together provide a low cost, self-assembly, convenient and weatherproof multipurpose shelter for a Serious Security Solution.

Ships directly from the UK - expect delivery in up to 14 days


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