B&W Bicycle Transport Box

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The B&W Bicycle Transport Box is the Best selling bike case in Europe.

B&W is Germany's number 1 manufacturer of bicycle boxes.

Suitable for race bikes and mountain bikes (NOT Full Suspension MTB's).

The B&W Bicycle Transport Box surrounds your bicycle with an extremely solid aluminum frame and impact plastic protection for the sharp edges.


+ Trapezoid shell case made of strike-proof ABS material

+ Three hinges

+ Four free running rollers with reinforced axle

+ Double shell thickness in the roller area

+ Reinforced packing straps

+ Reinforced pilot handle

+ Top two latches have Butterfly-locks

+ Carrying handle on each side

+ Blue color only available through Authorized US dealers

+ Can be used for airline travel

+ Extra pilot handle

+ Both case shells with inward foamed cushion material

+ Two length adjustable packing straps per case shell

+ Foamed material cushion for the sprocket wheel

+ Two wheel bags


Inside dimensions: 1170 x 840 x 260 mm / 46" X 33" X 10.2"

Outer dimensions: 1180 x 850 x 275 mm / 46.5 X 33.5" X 10.8"

weight (net): 9,4 kg / 21 Lbs


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