Create Bicycles C8 Aero Fixie Bike

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The C8 Aero originally designed for advanced "fixed gear" riders.

CREATE make reliable bikes with high fashion accessible, affordable and desirable.

The CREATE Original is the NOW essential European fashion accessory!

Specifications are different from the usual "flip-flop" fixed geared bike:

- C8 Aero is a "fixed gear" model and is NOT a "flip-flop" meaning a free-wheel was not included during assembly

- You can changed the C8 into a "flip-flop" by simply adding a "freewheel" after purchase

- Rear brake set is not provided since advanced riders do not prefer them

- Front brake provided, but not assembled, as many advanced riders prefer the "no brake lever" look with bulllhorn bars

- You can install the front brake after purchase

- You can add a rear brake after purchase


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