Ciclismo Stelvio Arm Warmers

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The Ciclismo Stelvio Arm Warners honor one of cycling's most difficult and historic challenges.

We are proud and excited to introduce a new cycling clothing brand that incorporates performance, durability and design:

With superior quality in mind, all Ciclismo Stelvio apparel is handmade in Italy.

Only a small-scale Italian factory can meet the stringent demands of product quality, using high-performance fabrics with weather adaptability in mind.

Their talented design team is inspired by vintage Italian cycling apparel and combines it with a modern color palette and sleek pattern, delivering a refreshing, stylish alternative to most jerseys on the road.

The Stelvio Mountain pass became famous in the cycling world in 1953 as part of the Tour of Italy.

The "Stelvio" was the scene of the last last major victory of Fausto Coppio.

On the Stelvio, Coppio dropped the leader, Switzerland's Hugo Koblet, to won the pink jersey and win his fifth and final Tour of Italy.

The "Stelvio" has been part of the Tour of Italy 7 times.

It is also a prominent climb in many Professional and Amateur stage races and one day tours - with many decisive victories won on its slopes..



+ Dolomiti fabric

+ Ttechnical 2 way stretch with a fit that moves with your body

+ Soft

+ Comfortable

+ Anti-pilling

+ Thermal protection on those cool days


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