Stabilizer Kit Junior Training Wheels

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Stabilizer Kit Junior Training Wheels are designed to balance your bike and let you ride!

The Junior Stabilizer kit is perfect for youths who have physical impairments which prevent them from otherwise enjoying bicycle riding.
We offer the strongest and most cost effective training wheels on the market.
The intended user of our adult training wheel kit includes individuals such as:

Stabilizer are the solution for:
+ Those with a fear of falling.
+ Physical therapy patients
+ The elderly.
+ Those with weight issues.
+ Cancer patients.
+ Those with cerebral palsy.
+ Stroke victims.
+ Children who are physically impaired.
+ Children who are mentally handicap.

+ Heavy-Duty steel frame painted matte black.
+ 12" KENDA wheels with inflatable tube tires.
+ Plastic coated u-bolts which protect the bicycle frame from damage.
+ Will mount to most 20-inch wheel bicycles.
+ Installs and removes in minutes
+ Easy to read instructions
+ Recommended for ages 8+.

* Will not fit electric, folding, recumbent, or BMX bicycles.