BiciSupport Maxi Pro Team Folding Bicycle Repair Stand (Article BS093)

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The BiciSupport Maxi Pro Team Folding Bicycle Repair Stand has great stability, versatility and features.

The Maxi BS093 is built using a combination of steel for strength in joints and pivots.
The BS093 is the perfect stand to choose when size and weight are important.
Ideal for the traveling mechanic.

For over 30 years BiciSupport has been distinguished for the exceptional quality of its products.

Designed and built exclusively in Italy.

Professional teams, Professional mechanics and knowledgeable amateurs demand BiciSupport products.

The UCI, FCI, and FCF all endorse BiciSupport products.


+ 360 degree horizontal rotation allows easy access to both sides of bike

+ A special ring allows to the stand and bicycle to rotate completely of 360°

+ Rear axle adjusts from 130 mm to 140 mm using adapter BS-R20 (included)

+ Folds to 84 cm for easy transport and storage

+ Bottom bracket height quickly adjusts from 71 to 96cm, adjustable height.