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ELITE Kit with Extra Supplies for at Least 3 Months of Simulated Altitude Training

Now you can train in Colorado without moving there!

AltoLab is a small breathing device that lowers oxygen content in your body to what you'd experience at high altitude for only a few minutes at a time.

By repeating these short intervals of reduced oxygen your body quickly adapts to this simulated high altitude giving you increased endurance and stamina.
This type of training has been used Olympic athletes for over 40 years.

AltoLab has revolutionized altitude training because it is the least expensive most effective form of altitude training available, is portable, and can be used anywhere.

It is quickly becoming the secret training weapon of top athletes worldwide to improve performance by legal means.

Clinical research at Ohio State University shows that AltoLab is clearly the most affordable and most effective Live High, Train Low altitude simulator on the market today.

AltoLab has been used by a number of notable athletes including New Zealand's 2004 World & 2004 Olympic Medal Winning Triathlon Champion, Bevan Docherty.
It is also used by Canada's top cycling team, Symmetrics and by world champion boxer Carina Moreno, world record holder Chris Hoy and numerous champions is swimming, running and team sports.

Svein Tuft of Symmetrics Cyling - AltoLab user since 2006
2007 UCI America's #1 Tour Leader
2007 US Open Cycling Champ
2007 Vuelta de Cuba Champ
Canadian Time Trial Champion

The ELITE AltoLab Kit includes:
# 1 pulse oximeter
# 12 Hypoxic silos
# 8 AltoMixers
# 1 timer
# 1 delux breathing kit complete with a mouthpiece AND face mask
# 2 styles of breathing tubes
# connectors
# 4 bacterial filters.

The AltoLab Training Manual is included with an updated CD-ROM containing the latest scientific information and multimedia.
With the ELITE kit you also get a larger sized carry bag than the bag for the standard AltoLab kit.

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