Amerityre Flatfree 12 X 1.75 Airless Tire Tube

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The Amerityre Flatfree 12 X 1.75 Airless Insert is a flat-proof, leak-proof and maintenance free inner tube.
Guaranteed to never go flat!

A better material always makes a better product.

Imagine a bicycle tube impervious to rusty nails, broken glass, sharp rocks and thorns.

Dream on you say!!

Using proprietary Elastothane™ and Kryon formulations Amerityre developed materials that are superior in many bicycle tube applications.

Testing has shown Amerityre's polyurethane FOAM to be superior to competitive materials in the following areas:
+ High abrasion resistance / longer life
+ True closed cell technology / no water absorption
+ High density material / excellent load carrying capability
+ UV and ozone resistant / will not break down

+ Recreational
+ Industrial

+ Replaces the Inner Tube
+ Fits 12 X 1.75 Tire

Guaranteed to never go flat!

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