American Electric WYNDFLY 6 Speed Electric Step-Thru Bicycle - 350W


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The WYNDFLY: ia a Clean (zero emissions), Smart Technology, No Gas, 100% Electric, Money Saving, Quiet Riding, Easy to Service, Rust Proof electric bike.

+ 40 MILES per CHARGE**

The WYNDFLY i is among the of the highest quality electric scooter in world - the WYNDFLY quality us ensured through extensive quality control.

Beautiful modern aesthetic shape with comfortable cushion seating.

The heart of the WYNDFLY bicycle "electric" is the Pedal Assist Technology (abbreviated as PAT) that makes riding it a breeze.
The PAT consists of a sensor that activates the rear wheel motor to give a short boost in speed whenever the bicycle is pedaled.
Due to this, less work is required to go further on the WYNDFLY.
The combination of pedaling with the occasional burst of speed from the motor allows the battery to go the distance, reducing the amount of charging needed.

The WYNDFLY comes with 6 gears to shift between for any circumstance the rider may experience during their travels.
Whether its uphill or downhill, smooth terrain or rough terrain, The WYNDFLY can handle anything a regular bicycle can.

+ Frame material: Steel alloy
+ Battery Supports up to 40 miles (Assisted mode / Pedal Assist)
+ Tires: 26" X 1.95" Inner
+ Tubes: 26" X 1.95" Front basket: 10.5" X 13" X 11"
+ Shimano 6 speed (gears) freewheel
+ Aluminum Pedals
+ All alloy, double-wall rims (with protective coating)
+ Rear reflector for Safety + Carbon Steel Frame
+ Stainless Steel brake cables
+ Front fork with shock absorption
+ Horn Bell
+ Stylish, luxurious plush seat
+ Front LED Headlights
+ Front Metal basket (Rust-proof)
+ Rear Rack
+ Pedelec (Pedal Assist-Technology)
+ Maximum Load 300 lbs
+ Front & Rear Fenders
+ Folding Pedals
+ Quick-Release Motor
+ Center Kickstand
+ Rust-Proof Chain
+ Dimensions: 74" X 11" X 34" (L X W X H)
* Rider Weight, Rider Input, Weather, and Terrain Contingent
** Rider Weight, Rider Input, Weather, Speed and Terrain Contingent

+ Removable 36v 10AH Lithium-Ion Battery
+ Portable Lithium Charger (Included)
+ Fast Charging (3-4 hours)

+ Wheel Lock for Rear Wheel Motor
+ Quick Response Brakes

WYNDFLY allows you to charge at home or on the go, pedal up to 40 miles on a single charge with pedal assist.
Should you find yourself without battery power, no worries– the geared pedals will still function like a regular bicycle.
Included with purchase is an American Electric Smart Lithium-ion Charger (36V trickle charger) that provides ease of use, efficiency and safety.
The Smart Charger has a unique feature where it will automatically shut down once your battery is fully charged, thus preventing it from overheating and damaging the battery.

The WYNDFLY arrives at your door almost entirely built except the pedals, handlebar, and basket - using the straightforward user's manual they can be installed right away.