Bike BrightZ Bicycle Visibility Light

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Color your bike with a halo of 6 BrightZ Bicycle LED lights

Bike BrightZ are the newest big thing in biking accessories.
Looking to impress your friends, and be safer at the same time?
Look no further. Bike BrightZ are affordable, easy to install, and guaranteed to turn heads.

+ 4 Modes of Control:
+ Installs in less than 20 seconds
+ Includes mounting straps, non-skid protective pad
+ Light Weight - 2 ounces (56 grams)
+ Durable - made of tough ABS plastic
+ Increases visibility of rider
+ Easy to install
+ Fits on any bike - kids or adults
+ Uses 2 AAA batteries
+ Batteries last up to 15 hours
+ Water resistant

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