Cinq5 Shift:R Shifters and Ratchet Box


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Replace your Rohloff twist shifter with the Cinq5 Shift:R thumb/trigger shifters?

The Shift R can be used on flat or drop bars.

One shifter shifts up and the other shifter shifts down.

Box includes left and right shifters, two cables and shift box.
Shift:R replaces the Rohloff twist shifter and cable box.

The Shift:R, made by Cinq5, is the first thumb shifter available for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB.

The shifter features separate levers for high and low gear. It can be used on drop bars or flat bars.
Cable tension can be adjusted at the levers and the ratchet box.
It also allows riders to use full size grips rather than shortened grips designed for twist shifters.

Flat bar shiifters are designed to fit at the grip area where there is a 22.2mm outer diameter.
The shifters for drop bars are designed to fit on the stem bulge area on bars that have an oversized (31.8mm diameter) bulge.

They are so simple to fit as you do not need to have the Speedhub in a particular gear just fit the box and cables and go. You don't even have to bother with the measuring the amount of cable to enter the shift box as you actually trim the cables at the brake lever end!

+ EasyShift: The simplified shifting logic with separate levers for low and high gears makes it easy to get used to
+ Improved ergonomics: with the Shift:R you can now use full-size grips on both handlebar ends
+ Flexibility: The Shift:R can be used on multiple bar types, e.g. drop bars or conventional flat bars
+ Easy adjustment and fine tuning through the EAS system: cable tension can easily be adjusted right at the shifters
+ Easy installation: due to the ORS technology (Optimized remount sequence) the gear position of the Shift:R and the Speedhub don't require synchronization
+ Using ICM (Inverse Cable Mount) technology an extremely compact shifting mechanism can be integrated in the Shift:R box