V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle
V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle

V-ITS Ice Cream Vending Tricycle

This item cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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The V-ITS is a traditional Ice Cream vending trike with a removable flip style door measuring 20 x 10"

The door style is appropriate for pre-packaged Novelty Ice Cream or scooping.
Keep in mind the door opening size vs. your bulk pack containers to make certain that scooping will work in this configuration.

The V-ITS includes a Napkin/storage compartment by handlebars. Dry Ice Shelf is Optional

The V-ITS comes with a drain for easy interior cleaning.

+ Frame: Super heavy duty, fully lugged with malleable front pivot steering lug, for easy steering
+ Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge - 50% thicker material than other bicycle rims.
+ Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36 per wheel
+ Tires: WTC Sup-R-Tires
+ Parking Brake: Optional
+ Rear Brake: Shimano Coaster brake
+ Gearing: Standard; Single Speed with 36 Tooth Front Sprocket
+ Saddle: 12” wide thickly padded with Steel Base Pan
+ Crank: One Piece forged crank
+ Pedals: 1/2" Resin Pedal with Boron Axle
+ Handlebar: Loop steering bar
+ Front Cabinet; Stainless steel interior and exterior 36 x 23 x2 8" exterior, thickly insulated
+ Automotive style type leaf spring suspension
+ Platform sits between front wheels + Length: 86"
+ Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs
+ Rear Wheel: 26 x 2.125 Rear Industrial Grade with integrated Automotive Style Drum Brake
+ Front Wheels: 20 2.125 Industrial Grade (note- if choosing Aluminum Wheel Upgrade or Solid Tire Upgrade wheels are then 26 x 2.125)
+ Front Axle: 1" machined steel axle with center swiveling steering lug. 32.5" unless front fender option is ordered, in which case axle is 34.5"

For Italian ices the V-ITS will keep cold for 7 hours. The base needs to be full with six 5 gallon containers of ices or 12 2½ gallon double stacked containers.

For ice cream the V-ITS needs dry ice The base needs to be full with six 5 gallon containers or equivalent ice cream. It will keep ice cream cold for 8 hours.

These trikes are built to order - so expect delivery in 3 - 4 weeks.

These 6' 5" diameter vinyl umbrellas are sturdy and attractive with a1.5" diameter aluminum pole and include the bottom slide in pole section.


OPTIONAL BRANDING of your company logo or design:
We can put a design wrap so that your cart looks more professional.
You can wrap the 3 outer sides, the 4th handlebar side, the umbrella bracket and the napkin holder.

For aesthetics, If you choose to buy the umbrella bracket and wrap the 3 sides, wrapping of the umbrella bracket is recommended as the umbrella bracket will be on top of the cart wrap.
Also for aesthetics, if you choose to wrap the handlebar side (4th side,) it is recommended to also wrap the napkin holder as it will cover some of the wrap.

File requirements for printing for wraps:
All print work for cabinets/carts must be set up completely ready to send to print which entails:
Each side of a cabinet or cart as a separate file.
Each file named clearly to indicate which side of the box or cart we are applying it to.
The artwork must be in Ai, EPS, PDF or PSD format.
All images used in the artwork must be at least 100 dpi in actual size.
All the texts used in the artwork
Please add 1" bleed on all 4 sides of each artwork.

Wrap Template Design Guide Specs