Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Pannier Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Pannier
Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Pannier

Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Pannier


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The Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Pannier is modeled from the proven Dutch-style bike panniers.

The Green Guru Recycled Dutchy Billboard Panniers will turn your bike into a veritable station wagon for hauling your gear

Recycled Materials used in this product:

These unique, colorful bags are individual pieces of art - each is graphically different.


We are all avid bikers who understand that thousands of pounds of rubber from our blown-out bicycle tubes have traditionally have been filling up our landfills.
Ecologic Designs' National Rope Recycling Program has been created in an effort to reduce the waste produced by the bicycling industry.
They incorporate the blown-out bicycle inner tubes on every messenger bag that we produce.

Rubber Inner Tubes are made from vulcanized rubber, which currently is cost prohibitive to be recycled on a large scale.
Thus, this is also a material that is headed for the landfill.
Ecologic Designs' reclamation services bring life and value back into this material by converting it into usable products.
They make durable accessories and bags out of inner tubers from bikes, tractors and trucks.

Highway Billboards & Vinyl Banners are made from PVC vinyl, with a Nylon scrim, which cannot be recycled.
Because it is destined for the landfill, they use billboards and banners in ways which brings value back to the material.
These materials are designed for outdoor use; they're protected with color guards and of course, they're waterproof.
Not only are they a great way to reduce waste, but they make unique, colorful bags and accessories.

+ Bike Inner Tube
+ Recycled PETE Fabric
+ Nylon Hardware
+ PVC-coated Steel + Hardware

Turn heads with these flashy, useful panniers

The Dutchy Billboard Pannier is an easy-access “trunk” for your bike.
Easily removable system that mounts to virtually any rack.
When you reach your destination, the bags can be removed and used as tote bags to transport your gear in style while on foot.

Dimensions: 17" x 12"” x 7"”

+ Large main pocket
+ Weather resistant gussets
+ Reflective webbing light loop
+ Adjustable to fit most racks
+ Reflective Straps
+ 24Liters / 1428 cubic Inches